about usIFS ( Innovative Fruit Solutions ) is a Processor of Dried Apricots with its own processing facility in the heart of Malatya Turkey, a Broker/Agent in a wide range of Dried Fruits & Tropical fruits, Nuts, Seeds, and Spices.

IFS globally source’s for many customers Worldwide but of course only from selected exporters & Packers who have the necessary food safety certifications. IFS take’s pride in retaining a close business relationship with all of their selected Quality driven suppliers and customers.

We also offer Organic Dried Fruits, Nuts, Seeds & spices to the worldwide markets and have been a major supplier of Turkish Dried Figs & Apricots into the USA Markets for the past 5 years.

IFS strives toward innovation & provides its customers with innovative ideas to boost sales in the retail markets.

What makes IFS different from other brokers/agents is that IFS stands behind their commitments 100%, presents timely market updates and reports & sources the best product at the best possible price from the best possible suppliers.